HiddenCity is an experience where you solve a trail of clues sent to you by text message. Discover quirky shops, coffe shops, restaurants. Do it in one team or unleash your competitive side by entering multiple groups. It’s up to you. We think two to four people per team is a great number.Each trail has between 8 and 22 clues and lasts between 2 and 4 hours. Once you’ve signed up and paid all team captains receive a welcome text message and email with the start location. The hunt kicks off when Team 1 sends ‘start’. Then all the teams get the first clue.Once you’ve signed up, play within 28 days on any days where the hunt is stated as being able to play. There are no time limits on completing individual clues. 

There are various hunts in several London locations so click here for more information

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Market Place Bar and Cafe, 1 Market Place, London W1W 8AH

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020 7112 8951