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It is not unusual for a famous West End musical to announce a booking extension and with “We Will Rock You” getting closer and closer to its current end-date of April 2011 it has now revealed its latest extension taking it to July. It gives London theatre audiences even more time to witness one of the most successful musicals running in the capital and brings it ever closer to its tenth anniversary, which it will celebrate in April 2012.

“We Will Rock You” first opened its doors at the Dominion Theatre back in 2002 and has since broken box office records and become enormously famous around the country, not just because of the famous West End version, but for touring versions appearing nationwide. Its popularity means that there could be plenty more extensions in the future.

Written by Ben Elton, it contains within it the songs of the hit band Queen as an original tale of dystopian futures and tyrannical regimes takes hold.

The plot takes audiences three centuries into the future where the Earth has become a very different place. Globalisation is complete and the world is now known as Planet Mall, controlled by the authoritarian Globalsoft Corporation and ruled by the tyrannical Killer Queen. To make matters worse all forms of expression are strictly forbidden, meaning that everyone acts, thinks and dresses the same – it also means that no-one can listen to or play music!

So enter The Bohemians, a group of Freedom Fighters that are desperate to return the world to a golden age they know as the Rhapsody. Amongst them are characters like Scaramouche and Galileo and we follow them as they search for a guitar called the Mighty Axe of the Hairy One. Ultimately, they aim to take down Killer Queen once and for all.

Along the way songs include “Radio Ga-Ga”, “Bohemian Rhapsody”, “Who Wants to Live Forever” and “Don’t Stop Me Now”, among a host of others.

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14/12/2011 - 26/10/2013


The Dominion
268-269 Tottenham Court Road London, W1T 7AQ

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