Treasures in the Cadogan Gallery

Treasures in the Cadogan Gallery

Treasures in the Cadogan Gallery will show 22 special exhibits chosen from 70 million specimens and artefacts in our collections. Each has a fascinating story to tell and was selected by our scientists to represent the Museum's scientific, aesthetic, historical, social and cultural worth. They span 4.5 billion years of nature.

Walk through this inspiring and beautiful new gallery and discover our treasures.

From the 200-million-year-old nacreous ammonite that led William Smith to discover that the rocks beneath our feet are layered through time, to the rare first edition of Charles Darwin's On the Origin of Species, these objects reveal the heart of the Museum's collections.

They are the movers and shakers of natural history itself, like the dinosaur teeth that led to the discovery that giant reptiles once walked on Earth, and the 147-million-year-old Archaeopteryx that helped show that birds evolved from dinosaurs.

The 22 objects are displayed in atmospheric lighting on black granite plinths, accompanied by interactive descriptive displays.

Ornate stained glass windows adorn the Treasures Cadogan Gallery walls, and embedded in the ceiling is the oak TREE installation created by contemporary artist Tania Kovats to celebrate Charles Darwin’s bicentenary.

On the first of each month join our Museum scientists for Treasure of the Month talks about objects in the new Treasures Cadogan Gallery. Click here for more information

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